AC Maintenance/Repair

Yearly inspections and maintenance of AC/HVAC units should be on everyone’s checklist to prevent leaks in that can affect your unit and units below. It seems as though many of leaks happen once we switch to from heat to AC so service calls should ideally be in the months of March or April.

Two important points regarding AC/HVAC maintenance for your unit and the building:

1)     When you have your AC unit inspected annually, it is important that the technician flush the condensate line (you have to ask to have this done—it isn’t always a part of the inspection process). The condensate line removes moisture from the air and over time, algae, mold, and mildew can build up, form a clog, and cause extensive leaking in your unit and the units below. Clogged condensate lines have been the cause of some of the most far reaching and frequent leaks in the building over the years so this type of yearly maintenance is now required per the Woodley Plaza Rules & Regulations.

2)     Also, AC evaporator coils get dirty over time and eventually freeze (literally) causing the AC to fail and extensive amounts of ice to melt into your unit and the unit below. So ask your technician to thoroughly clean the evaporator coils.

We have had several different companies repair and replace our AC/HVAC units but the one company that received the most consistent praise was A.B. Chelini (now United Service Specialists). They can be reached at (301) 924-3500. They handle AC repair and also HVAC replacement.

Parker Pearce has also serviced AC/HVAC units in our building. They can be reached at (301) 548-9000