Duplicate Unit Keys

The unit doors at Woodley Plaza have a highly complex key that has historically been quite difficult (and costly) to duplicate–and used to require the submission of a computer chipped lock key card that was provided to original unit owners. Thankfully, residents have found a couple of vendors that will duplicate keys quite easily and inexpensively, without the need for the lock key card. If you still have the key card, the locksmiths do prefer that you submit as it is easier for them to duplicate the keys.

Central Lock at 1107 7th Street comes highly recommended. They can make duplicate keys on the spot and charge $24 per key. Without the key card, it may be a trial and error process but we have had luck with them.

Richard with RJL Services was recommended by our management company. He will pick up the keys and deliver them back to you but charges $45 per key. Richard can be reached at  202-292-4788

Sowah Glover (Metro Lock & Security) is a locksmith who has replaced many keys in our building. He can be reached at  202-883-1363 or metrolock.dc@gmail.com. Mr. Glover comes to the building with a key duplication machine in hand and is paid in cash only. He charges $85 per service call + $50 per key but pricing should be confirmed with him.