Pet Policies

A. No animals or pets of any kind may be maintained, kept, boarded or raised in any unit or upon the common elements without prior approval of the Board of Directors; EXCEPT the keeping of (1) not more than one orderly domestic pet (dogs, cats or caged birds) per unit weighing not more than twenty-five pounds each, and (2) animals which do not normally leave the unit and which do not make noise (e.g., aquarium fish and some cats), is permitted without the prior approval of the Board of Directors, provided that each such pet (1) has proper licenses and shots as required by DC law, and (2) is registered with the Board. The only exception to the twenty-five pound weight limitation for pets are those pets in the building prior to January 16, 2018, the date of enactment of these Rules and Regulations. Any pet that is not a dog, cat, caged bird, or aquarium fish may not visit or be maintained in any unit without the prior written permission of the Board.  Domestic pets exceeding 25 pounds may not visit the

The Board shall have the authority to impose a fine on any unit owner found to violate this Regulation and each day the violation continues shall be a separate violation and subject to a fine. Any fine imposed shall be deemed an addition to the assessment due and payable for the month following the imposition of the fine.

B. No pet may cause or create a nuisance or any unreasonable disturbance or noise. Actions which constitute a nuisance include but are not limited to abnormal or unreasonable crying, barking, scratching, or unhygienic offensiveness. Upon a finding of violation in accordance with the due process provision of these Rules and Regulations, a pet may be ordered removed from the Condominium by the Board of Directors.

C. Pets shall be leashed or restrained at all· times while on the common elements.

D. Pet owners are fully responsible for personal injuries and/or property damage caused by their pets and shall be deemed to have indemnified and agreed to hold harmless, including attorney’s fees and costs, the Association  and -each unit owner from any claim or liability of any kind or character whatever arising by reason of keeping or maintaining such pet.

E. A pet owner must immediately clean up, at his/her own expense, after his/her pet if such pet defecates, vomits, urinates, or otherwise despoils upon a common element. Common elements include, without limitation, shrubs, flowers, drives, walks, hallways, elevators, garage areas, and the lobby. In accordance with the due process provision of these Rules and Regulations, any resident who does not promptly clean up his/her pet’s droppings upon any common element is in violation of this Regulation and is subject to a fine imposed by the Board, which shall be added to the next monthly condominium assessment due by the owner of the unit; a violation which occurs more than once and/or continues after written notice to the pet owner will also be subject to additional fines, which may include, at the Board’s discretion, a fine each day until the violation