Mailbox Keys

The mailboxes at Woodley Plaza were replaced in June of 2014 and at that time, residents were provided two (2) mailbox keys. The Woodley Plaza Condominium Association Board of Directors was not provided back up or spare mailbox keys so duplicates (or replacements) will have to be obtained by other means.

If you need to make a duplicate of your mailbox key, Ace Hardware in Woodley Park should be able to do so, as should most locksmiths.

If you have lost both mailbox keys, you may contact Mr. Sowah Glover, Metro Lock & Security, a locksmith who has replaced many keys in our building. He can be reached at  202-883-1363 or Mr. Glover comes to the building with a key duplication machine in hand and is paid in cash only. He charges $85 per service call + $50 per key but pricing should be confirmed with him.