Unit Doors

The unit doors at Woodley Plaza are heavy grade metal that are covered in a laminate to look like wood. Currently, all unit doors are original and were installed when the building was constructed in 1989. It is important to note that these doors are no longer being manufactured; subsequently, residents should be vigilant in ensuring their care and maintenance. It is also for this reason (among others) that the Woodley Plaza Board of Directors has requested an emergency entry key to each unit. If, for some reason, an emergency required the demolition of a door to gain unit entry, the door cannot be replaced by the previous manufacturer.

Door Handles

It is common for unit door handles to become loose or sometimes even fall off. This is almost always due to screw on the underneath of the door handle that becomes loose (or falls out). The problem is easily resolved by reinstalling and/or tightening the screw.

Key Holes

It is also common for key holes to stick and become harder to turn over time. This can be remedied by spraying WD-40 inside the key hole and then turning the key in the lock several times to ensure the lubricant is dispersed throughout the internal locking mechanisms. This should be done once or twice a year to prevent the key hole from becoming jammed.

Bolted Locks

The locking system in the unit front doors is a delicate and costly mechanism that requires occasional maintenance due to sticking. If the bolts become difficult to turn, they may be treated with WD-40. To do this, pull the door open and turn the lock so that the bolts are exposed. Spray the bolts and then turn the lock back and forth to ensure that they are treated thoroughly.

Replacing the locking system is costly (approximately $700) but may be necessary. If so, Metro Lock & Security has replaced a few locking systems in the building. Their contact information is provided below.