Construction Rules


Any construction project must be approved by the Board prior to work commencing. Please email any renovation or construction plans and/or blueprints to the Board for approval, noting in particular: (1) if the work involves any electricity or plumbing; and (2) that all contractors licensed and bonded in DC (which is required).

Approval of the plans will be predicated upon the following conditions:

A) All construction work shall not commence prior to 9:00 am and shall end no later than 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Construction is not permitted on weekends.
B) The contractor(s) will not be allowed to park in the garage but may park in the rear of the building in the contractor space or use street parking (please see and print out the Contractor Parking Space form).
C) The owner must take full responsibility to provide the contractor with access to his/her unit and the building. Maintenance personnel are not permitted to provide access to contractors.
D) The contractor and the owner working together must ensure that no materials or tools are stored on the property unless the owner uses his or her unit for such uses.
E) The contractor and the owner working together must ensure that all common areas are kept clean or clean up if necessary. Failure to do so could result in fine charged to the owner in the amount of $150.00. All construction related materials must be removed from the property and must not be placed in WP Condo Association’s dumpsters. If violated, any fines incurred by Woodley Plaza due to improper disposal of construction debris will be passed along to the unit owner along with any fines deemed appropriate by the Condominium Board.
F) The owner agrees to notify the property manager if services such as water, electric or any other vital utility could be affected in a negative way.
G) Building permits must be submitted to the management company and approved before construction may begin on any unit.