Reserving the Elevator

Woodley Plaza’s elevator doors open and close on a sensor system that is very sensitive and highly susceptible to breakage when the doors are held open too long, either by hand or via an intentional obstruction to keep them open. Therefore, it is essential that the elevator keys be used to hold the elevator doors open for a period of even more than a few seconds.

The elevator keys may be obtained from Evan Anderson who can be reached 
email at

The padded elevator should be reserved–and the keys used to lock it off–whenever there is a move-in, move-out, delivery of furniture or appliances, or any instance where the elevator will be required to be open for an extended period.

It is imperative that the exposed Run/Stop key hole NOT be used; rather the large silver key should be used to open the silver panel; the gold key should be inserted into the Ind. Service lock (located on the far right inside the panel) and turned 1/4 turn to the right.

Detailed instructions with photographs are attached to the Move-In/Move out instructions for your convenience.