Storage Units

Storage units are located on the G1 and G2 levels of the parking garage. Like parking spaces, they are owned by residents and convey  with the sale of the unit. In 2017, the Board undertook an inventory and labeling of each storage unit so each should now be labeled (either on the front or above the storage unit door) with the corresponding unit number (e.g. unit 608 is assigned the storage unit marked 608). The Board also has a map of the storage unit associated with each unit which should be consulted prior to a unit sale or rental to ensure that new residents/owners are assigned the correct storage unit.

Per the Rules & Regulations, personal property should be stored in the storage units–NOT in unit parking spaces and NOT in the aisles of storage unit areas–and the contents should be locked with a locking device purchased by residents. Belongings placed in the storage units are stored at the sole risk of the unit owner. The Association is not liable for any loss, damage, or expense that may be suffered or sustained in connection with use of the storage units.