Water Leaks

Reporting Leaks: All water leaks should be reported promptly to our management company,Community Systems, Inc. (CSI) at: 202-244-8000. Please call Rick Honig, Woodley Plaza Portfolio Manager or Denver Turner, Property Administrative Manager. If the leak is not so bad as to be an emergency, please call CSI during its normal business hours. There is an extra charge for emergency calls outside normal business hours.

In addition to notifying the property manager, the unit owner should also contact any owner/resident of a unit that may be involved in the leak, including the units above, below and adjacent to the affected unit(s). If needed, a floor fan is located in the (unlocked) Mechanical Room on the 6th or 7th floor. Please let the Board know you have taken the fan. Please note: It is imperative that every water leak be addressed in a timely manner to prevent mold growth.

Every resident should know how to turn off the water to any unit in case of a severe leak or flood. This is done by accessing the ceiling panels outside each unit (you may need a flat head screwdriver to open the panel) and turning the lever assigned to that unit (they can be VERY hard to turn, FYI). The pipe to each unit has a hang tag marked with 3 digits that corresponds to the unit number. Each tag begins with the number 1, then denotes the floor number with the 2nd digit, and the unit’s last number as the last digit. For example, 167 is the hang tag for unit 607.

CSI Business Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM, and Friday 9:00AM – 1:00PM.

CSI After Hours Emergency Service: There will be a $50 charge to the unit owner if the problem of the leak is found not to be due to a common element (if it is due to a common element, the Association will pick up the charges).

Determining the Cause of the Leak: The building manager will get a plumber out to determine the cause. If it is due to a common element, the WP plumber will repair it. If it is not due to a common element, the plumber will report where the problem lies. This report will be shared with the affected unit owner(s). The building manager will then notify the affected owner(s), who must promptly fix it at their own expense. The owner(s) may opt to use the CSI plumber to fix the problem, in which event Woodley Plaza will repair the problem and send the bill to the affected owner(s).

Responsibility for Repair Costs: Water leaks not caused by a common element are the sole responsibility of the affected owner(s) to repair at their expense. The Association is not responsible for repair or replacement of any water damage inside an individual unit. Please see Woodley Plaza Bylaws Section 3.11(b).

Insurance Coverage: All owners should have homeowner’s insurance to cover water damage to their unit. Renters must have renter’s insurance. The Association’s master policy will not cover such damage.