Garage Parking Spaces

Parking spaces in the Woodley Plaza garage are considered assigned, limited comment elements that are owned by Woodley Plaza unit owners and convey when units are sold. They may be deeded (sold) separately from the units following a lengthy process outlined in the bylaws.

In addition, several unit owners currently rent parking spaces to Woodley Plaza residents (renting to persons who do not reside in Woodley Plaza is prohibited, FYI). If you are interested in renting a parking space, please email the Woodley Plaza listserv at noting your name, unit number, and requested duration of the lease period. Additionally, if you are in need of short-term, temporary parking (weekend, overnights, etc…) you may also email the listserv and ask your neighbors if they have a space you may borrow.

Street Parking for Guests: Visitor Parking Pass

If you have visitors coming for a brief or extended period, you may also take advantage of the Visitor Parking Pass issued by the DC government. Under this program, DC residents provide their guests a Pass permitting them to park for more than two hours on residential blocks. This is a permanent Pass (unlike the 15-day visitor pass issued by the DC Police Department) that is assigned one per household. If you are interested in filling out the paperwork to obtain a DC Visitor Parking Pass, please click on this link and follow the instructions.