Smoking Policies

For the health and safety of residents, Woodley Plaza Condominium Association has adopted a variety of smoking restrictions in the building’s Rules & Regulations. These include the prohibitions of the transfer of smoke between units and smoking in common areas and a lease provision for prohibiting smoking in the units for lessees.

Transfer of Smoke Between Units

No improper, noxious, offensive, or unlawful use or activity shall be carried out or emanate from any unit or any part thereof, or from any common element or limited common element, nor shall anything be done therein which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to other owners, renters or the public, including, without limitation, noises, smoke and/or odors from individual units, or from any common element or limited common elements.

Smoking in Common Areas

There shall be no smoking in any of the common areas of the building. The Board shall have the authority to impose a fine on any unit owner found to violate this Regulation and each day the violation continues shall be a separate violation and subject to a fine. Any fine imposed shall be deemed an addition to the assessment due and payable for the month following the imposition of the fine.

Transfer Lease Provision Prohibiting Smoking

Unit owners may not lease units for an initial period of less than six months, and must include in the lease a provision prohibiting smoking in the unit, as well as in/on all the common elements of the building.