Rooftop Access/HVAC Units

For a variety of concerns related to safety, property damage, and public disturbance, the Woodley Plaza Board of Directors adopted a resolution severely restricting access to the roof  in 2014 (please see attached). If you require the access code to the roof for HVAC maintenance (or a non-HVAC related emergency), please contact a member of the Board of Directors.


HVAC Units & Map

We are currently in the process of identifying all of the compressor units on the rooftop. Doing so will not only ease the repair and replacement process but will minimize the amount of time spent on the roof. Once residents have identified their compressor units, they should mark them with both permanent a marker and by scratching their unit number on the top or side of the unit with a screwdriver or key.

To Identify Your HVAC unit, you will need two people: one to stay in your condo, the other to go to the rooftop.

First, find the cluster of compressors for your apartment. The compressor units on the rooftop are grouped in clusters of two floors. There is typically a round metal marker nearby with either an FC or F number written in black magic marker (which may or may not correspond to the floor). They are grouped  as follows:

08-09 units (immediately in front of the stairwell door)
06-07 units (to the far left of the stairwell door, near FC-02)
04-05 units (near the F-05 and F-06 markers)
03 units (clustered mostly alone near the F-04 marker)
01-02 units (clustered near the FC-2 and F-02 markers)

Using the map below, you can rule out specific compressors. Then have the person in your condo turn on and off your fan/thermostat 2 or 3 times until you have identified your specific compressor (the fan blades will turn on and off). Do this a few times until you are certain.

There is a map attached that includes compressors which have been identified by unit. Please email Evan Anderson ( as you identify your compressor. Thank you for your assistance with this project.



We have had several different companies repair and replace our AC/HVAC units but the one company that received the most consistent praise was A.B. Chelini (now United Service Specialists). They can be reached at (301) 924-3500. They handle AC repair and also HVAC replacement.

Parker Pearce has also serviced AC/HVAC units in our building. They can be reached at (301) 548-9000.